My 1st beauty& cosmetic post!

Guess what??! Today finally i receive eugene's get it beauty's book!!
Although i cant read korean but it's great to see those pictures!lol
She is gorgeous, isnt she?? I like her especially her smile >.<
So, this is her book!~유진's 겟잇뷰티~~


Still, i dont have the time to read it out as my korean is "limited company"ㅋㅋㅋ
And since eugene is ambassador for korea's benefit, i got this!!Scarf with benefit's style!! woohoo! i love it~~


I think the scarf can be used for hair-do or neck :)


I have considered so much before i purchase this book as i m really broke recently ㅜㅜ
Anyway, it costs around 11500won~ ^^
Got to go now! Have a nice day!~

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Hello my fc2 blog!

It had been a long time!!
I had a long hibernation uh??kkk
Should restructure the blog anyway :)

By the way, how was i getting on recently??
Hmm, so far so good.....there were many unsatisfaction moments occured actually!
But, i just wanted to let all gone asap!whee~

See ya'll ^-^ 

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为什么 总是这样

看了记录 大概几个月了 哈~~
今天的我又被自己困扰了 没人替我分担 也没人可以给我诉苦
什么也只可以在这说= =

有时看在对我单单打打的句子 我不懂吗 我白痴吗?
我讨厌人家在我面前单打 要么你说 要么不要表达了 > <
你对我摆臭脸发脾气就可以 我就不可以生气吗?
我不出声就是 annoying吗?

朋友是这样吗? 你真的觉得自己的性格很好 我是这么认为 不然你不会那么自以为是 - -
我讨厌早上call了你 然后你跟我说不去学校了 “很累,我不舒服,我背很痛...”这几句话你告诉了我多少次
其实你不用说那些 铁铁实实地告诉我 实话就可以了 不要骗我
我是闹钟吗? 我call你是你说你要去学校的 所以我就帮忙叫醒你
换做你是我 你会怎样??
可是你会总说 “哪有??”


你就继续吧 继续吧 不能改变你什么
我讨厌这种关系 别说自己有多么重视我 这并不是一个知心朋友的所谓

今天我对自己说了 以后也不会在早晨给你打电话叫醒 上课
我不是闹钟 不是一个响了被主人无情忽视的闹钟


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Blah blah ING

Recently,,i feel so sleepy though i sleep for hours and hours.
I think i shouldnt waste my time on sleep perhaps!
I mean just normal sleep hours from night to morning but not noon! > <
Yeah, i should throw off this bad habit!!
For the sake of health and time = =
As what my bro always tells me: " Hey, u can sleep all the way after you die so i dont think ppl should sleep more than normal hours."
Yes! i should spend my time wisely.

I m soooooo poor now = =
I think i should tie my stomach and just stick at home so i can save!
No doubts because of "someone" i really spend quite a lot on eating compare to last time T.T STOP NOW!!

Sigh. Today i m the one being blamed again.
I dont want to go out and cant go out also need to see your "face"??
Friend need to accompany you but dont you ever stand at their side to think of??
Dont shout out in fb please, i'm so sick to see that......
If you call urself a friend, thanks.

As mr.raj said: " Sometimes we just dont know how to tell them...."
Yes, i dont know honestly.
What to do???

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fly high!!

I just finished to watch fly to the sky's MVs.
All my favourite songs are knocking my head again
Their vocals ㅠㅠㅠㅠ~~ still the best r&b duo in my opinion > <
Oh! brian and fany!! pls group together again!! T.T i miss you guys!
Through FTTS, i only get to know TVXQ!!

By the way, few weeks ago, i met brian in personal!!
His first fanmeeting in malaysia!!
Well,,i burnt my money to attend -.-
Coz i really want to see him!!! FTTS was the group after TVXQ i wished to see them in personal~
And, brian was so friendly and nice! such a polite guy T_T
I had a chance to shake hand, hug and face touch with him >_<
Omona!!! my heart was beating when he hugged me )_(
I was quite calm since i was getting older huh?? LOLs
Yeah,, i knew that! Pretty sure that I wouldnt yelled or shouted like mad as others in front of him "oppa oppa!!" like that..
It hurted his ears in my opinion =.=

I got the group photo with him!! whee!!
Not near to him T.T cause the girls ran in front to him and blocked my way ==lll
BUT!! brian touched my shoulders few times and i accidently touched his hands for few times!!sooo lucky me!!XD
From his face expression,,,i guessed he was actually telling "hey! it's alright! you can come nearer! ^^"
He was so great ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Brian oppa! saranghae!!

DSC02705 - Copy 

His face was so SMALL!!! = = like my palm maybe??

Ohh yeah! 2 assignments were down! 2 more to go then exam!!
OS subject is killing me - -

There's a rumour saying yunho and changmin is forming the new group soon.
Bless them and wish them all the best!!!
Nothing gonna chance
Yunho is still yunho, changmin is still
changmin, junsu is still junsu, jaejoong is still jaejoong, yoochun is still yoochun, cassiopeia is still cassiopeia..
Dont you argee with me?? XD

Today I realize a song that make my day,,, ddang ddang!!
"It's real" by Olivia Ong! The song is great and her vocal TT_TT just love that!!
I want to sing this song now! BYE~

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I'M わたしは

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Nothing special,
Just an ordinary person that still alive in this world,
TVXQ's super fan, XD
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FTTS's secret girlfriend, XD
Soulmate -yunho jung, XD.

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