BYE MDC.......

I just get a big shock.....
When she asks me such a question........
Haha,,,i should predict it but then i dont know why i feel sad about it.....i feel there's something call tears gonna drop off from my eyes...
However, i just pretend that i m alright.......
Yeah!! levin! you're tough enough!! big girl dont cries~~

She says i didnt really care about the web and post thing.... do i have the space the care of?? you didnt trust ppl........

And, she have talked to K and K agrees to pay me back 250 for the web thingy if i dont want to continue???
Who am i???
Both of you know what's going on actually??
Have you guys solved the conflict between us???
I can definitely answer you "no"!!

ASK ASK ASK!! what's that called???
They are likely treat me as trouble-maker??? uhuh?? i dont give a damn!
Cuz i know who i am...... at least GOD will know
Perhaps, i have communication problem with you guys..........

Really speechless i m that kind off person in your eyes -.-
Well, since you guys decide it and request for that
I'll just leave ......

I fed up something call friendship today........

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