Deserve the last minute's work - -

Now i m waiting for the stupid turn in it system to check the plagiarism -0-
Hopefully can get it before 2pm, so that i can submit the assignment T_T, hopefully it wont over 10% for the checking .......

Ytd i did my assign until 5am!!!omo!!! can u imagine that i open my eyes until so big but still not really understand what i have crapped -_-;;;; Bravo!!
I think sociology was a horrible subject, sorry mr.raj ><
Although i love this lecturer but doesnt mean i like his subject as well;;;
Well,,,,,sociology= society in you (if i was not mistaken,lol) actually was interesting but not when came to assignment and exam,,,,absolutely not!!! arghhhh..........

Miahne mr.raj!!
I think i should study right now, if not i'll fail this sub for 99% sure.......
aiks;;;;;;bless me la God ~~~

I know i deserve it, who asks i do very last minute works =='''
No blaming -_______- (zip the mouth!)

Last but not least, I have changed my template!! wahaha!!
Thanks ini for recommend it!!! Arigato~~

Aigoo,,, this girl gonna study abroad soon T__T
when you departure??? aigoo........sure will miss her a lot

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