A new semester...

A new semester has started on last monday...
There are 2 boring subjects that i must take for this sem
Malaysian economy and history of economic thought !
oh my god -.- the name itself already show its dull.......
No matter how i must score well in this 2 subjects, i dont want to ruin my CGPA anymore ==ll

Well,, there were many things happened las few weeks ago,,,
i couldnt remember well anyway.....but those would make me grow up more in thinking.....

My mind so imbalance these days....puahaha
mirotic concert is held in shenzhen!! ><
aiguu....why is so hard for me to meet you guys??
i want to meet you boys in korea but .....ah!!!japan is too expensive for me ><
even now korea won's rate is increasing!!!!

air ticket and concert news are always running in my mind!
well, i should back to reality 1st ><

AND! i did some recycle these days! look at this!
TVXQ coin box!!wahaha!
hope it helps me to save some money then :)



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