Today is the day for woon to leave...
She doesnt want me to send her i guess...
She scares her tears are dropping like hell probably...
I think her mother is the one who cries a lot when she's leaving...
Well, i send her message in the morning and i got this reply from her

"Oh,thank you my best friend.i really appreciate that god let me meet u in my life
our friendship wont change!last 4 ever!when i back i sure look for u. take care n wish u have a smooth study i'll very miss you:)"

Just a simple reply, but it means a lot for us T-T
We know each others well....
I dont know when's the time three of us meet again...
I appreciate the days we together...

all the best for our future!
i m here to wait u guys back ng and woon! >.<

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I'M わたしは

Levin a.k.a Sori

Author:Levin a.k.a Sori

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