COURT @-@!!!

1st time ever been in court for 2 days!
Anyway, i m just listener to accompany my dad.

Thanks to the stupid "speakerman" who eats too much nothing to do then sue my dad = =
Hello! my dad is an innocent party also you should go sue the one who sign the contract with you! my dad just a tenant who never ever having any transaction and contract with you!!D**n it = =
I was totally pissed off when i heard he was telling lies and pretended to be an innocent party! oh my god!!

The final result will be released on 21st may.
I pray hard, and believe there is a justice.
God pls bless us.
God, i believe you know who's right and who's wrong.
Pls bless us and win the case TT
Dad is so tiring about this lawsuit, pls let him free from it T.T
Thank you god.

And,,,sis was heading to taiwan on monday!
I got her message from fb and she bought me a hat!!kkkk~~surprise!
Although she insists not to buy that kind of hat for me since she bets i wont wear -.-
However, she buy it eventually!!LOL

Here it is! XD ( i want to wear when i m going korea,,***run and laugh in devil***)


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