Happy Birthday!

I officially turn 23 today.
5.13 special day for me.

Thanks for all wishes that i get from my beloved family and friends.
I got my very 1st birthday message from jian today >_<
I m grateful to have you as my friend,komawo jian ^^

Due to the convenience of SNS facebook, i got most of my wishes from there compared to
mobilephone last time.
I would like to say yeeni is funny enough :) her sms make me laugh of loud~
Haha, how creative our lovely yeeni~~

My birthday celebration is usually having a nice dinner with family, nothing special :)
However, i enjoy my time with them~

Once again, thanks to those who remember my birthday and wish me T-T
Thank you so much!

Well, my birthday's wish??hehehe
I wish:

i can do better for future and life,
learn up better korean and japanese,
do something that i m really intersted on it :)

Let's work hard on it!

Wish myself happy birthday!!saengil chukayo!!

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