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Recently,,i feel so sleepy though i sleep for hours and hours.
I think i shouldnt waste my time on sleep perhaps!
I mean just normal sleep hours from night to morning but not noon! > <
Yeah, i should throw off this bad habit!!
For the sake of health and time = =
As what my bro always tells me: " Hey, u can sleep all the way after you die so i dont think ppl should sleep more than normal hours."
Yes! i should spend my time wisely.

I m soooooo poor now = =
I think i should tie my stomach and just stick at home so i can save!
No doubts because of "someone" i really spend quite a lot on eating compare to last time T.T STOP NOW!!

Sigh. Today i m the one being blamed again.
I dont want to go out and cant go out also need to see your "face"??
Friend need to accompany you but dont you ever stand at their side to think of??
Dont shout out in fb please, i'm so sick to see that......
If you call urself a friend, thanks.

As mr.raj said: " Sometimes we just dont know how to tell them...."
Yes, i dont know honestly.
What to do???

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