I miss the five ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

It had been a long long time i didnt updated my blog.
This sem was a nightmare for me especially organizational study.
Oh!!~- - i started to worry T_T
Just finished reflective practice assignment ytd midnight!T_T
Got to start the os assignment soon since next fri is due uh!!?
Bless me = =

What happened within this few weeks??
Well, i saw kpop artists came to malaysia = = which i hope was DBSK
However, **sigh**
I got a free ticket from shingyee for BEAST showcase, so i went to see this group.
Frankly, i just know one member's name DU JUN (DJ), the leader of BEAST.
The crowd of the showcase was a nightmare for me = =
After back from showcase, i was beat-out
Whole body pain!!!!am i getting older??? yes, i am --
The performance of BEAST was great in my opinion!!Do not compared them with DBSK since they were in different line and still new.
Anyway, when i watched on them...i think of DBSK again = =
Their relationship and attitude were so similiar.....
Was this hallucination??? T T
I have dragged by friends to airport the day they headed back to korea right after class.....= =
The problem was i wore like i was hanging out around my house = =
Without any make up and BB on my face because i was too tired that day so i just went straight to class after having lunch at home!

HAHA!!! this is my style cause my class...no one is "worth" for me to take care my image = = ***choked hardly**
who cares??!! i dont bother =V=

A bunch of fans were waiting at airport - -
I was so embarrassed = = i stood aside from the crowd since i was "noona" level.
And my friends were so excited!!!! = =
I went to stand near the departure extrance, since no ppl were there.
Suddenly! I heard some yelling : OPPA!! OPPA!!!!OPPA!! saranghae!! = =
A bunch of people ran towards me = = since BEAST were coming to the gate that i was standing!! Oh;;; my poor ears = =
Fans were so excited and shouted like they were in danger = =
Noona--->me so calmed... with the pose **cross my both hands together** and looked at BEAST! LOLs
DJ was so polite and wave his hand to the crowd and he waved towards my side also...
To response, i waved my hand back to him! **blushed**
Then, they entered to the door and walked to the underground immigration counter.
Those fans ran to follow because the underground can be viewed from upstair.
To wait my friends, me and mandy stand the 1st column and the rest actually ran to the front to wait for them...just left both of us.
Due to the bore, both of us used the fingernails to make sound on the window of upstair.
Surprisingly, BEAST passed by and heard the sound! They looked up and saw both of us!!!
No fans were there just both of us!! AGAIN!!!DJ waved to us!!with smile face!!!OMG,,,then the rest of members waved to us as well since their leader was doing so!OMG!!
We gave them a big big nice smile and waved to them hardly > < ard 10-15 seconds the process T.T (the 1st ever time in my life, the artists wave to me for 15 seconds)

OMG!!!DJ's smile face still in my head now!
I fall in love on him due to his polite and friendly.
BEAST, the group after my NO.1 TVXQ
Noona will catch up your news!!!LOLs


He makes me think about YH......
BEAST reminds me about TVXQ......
The old days which i miss it a lot......
The 5 that i love.....
Pls come back ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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akiosu URL|No title
#qzxaWm5Q Edit  2010.07.18 Sun21:39
your post.... made me laugh and feeling excited!!
omg 15 seconds?! LOLLLLL

missing the 5 T_T
ga yao daiji ~~~~
Levin a.k.a Sori URL|Re: No title
#- 2010.07.26 Mon00:21
yeeni! laugh not enough one!
i should act to you next time!
as you know my 'acting skill' is great man! LOL
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