fly high!!

I just finished to watch fly to the sky's MVs.
All my favourite songs are knocking my head again
Their vocals ㅠㅠㅠㅠ~~ still the best r&b duo in my opinion > <
Oh! brian and fany!! pls group together again!! T.T i miss you guys!
Through FTTS, i only get to know TVXQ!!

By the way, few weeks ago, i met brian in personal!!
His first fanmeeting in malaysia!!
Well,,i burnt my money to attend -.-
Coz i really want to see him!!! FTTS was the group after TVXQ i wished to see them in personal~
And, brian was so friendly and nice! such a polite guy T_T
I had a chance to shake hand, hug and face touch with him >_<
Omona!!! my heart was beating when he hugged me )_(
I was quite calm since i was getting older huh?? LOLs
Yeah,, i knew that! Pretty sure that I wouldnt yelled or shouted like mad as others in front of him "oppa oppa!!" like that..
It hurted his ears in my opinion =.=

I got the group photo with him!! whee!!
Not near to him T.T cause the girls ran in front to him and blocked my way ==lll
BUT!! brian touched my shoulders few times and i accidently touched his hands for few times!!sooo lucky me!!XD
From his face expression,,,i guessed he was actually telling "hey! it's alright! you can come nearer! ^^"
He was so great ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Brian oppa! saranghae!!

DSC02705 - Copy 

His face was so SMALL!!! = = like my palm maybe??

Ohh yeah! 2 assignments were down! 2 more to go then exam!!
OS subject is killing me - -

There's a rumour saying yunho and changmin is forming the new group soon.
Bless them and wish them all the best!!!
Nothing gonna chance
Yunho is still yunho, changmin is still
changmin, junsu is still junsu, jaejoong is still jaejoong, yoochun is still yoochun, cassiopeia is still cassiopeia..
Dont you argee with me?? XD

Today I realize a song that make my day,,, ddang ddang!!
"It's real" by Olivia Ong! The song is great and her vocal TT_TT just love that!!
I want to sing this song now! BYE~

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